Every business is the sum total of the thoughts, decisions, and behaviors of its people. We are a firm of behavioral science and business experts who help companies select, develop and deploy the right people to execute winning strategies.

At a critical point for our business, GFG helped our senior executives develop into stronger leaders.”
— Andrew Doyle, CHRO, Oppenheimer Funds

What we've achieved

  • Led organizational redesign of operations function at multi-billion dollar division of a Fortune 500 client, reducing addressable costs by 16%
  • Cut innovation cycle time by 3 months by building collaboration between Marketing, R&D, and Supply Chain at a Fortune 500 CPG company
  • Solidified post-merger culture integration of two pharmaceutical companies through leadership development and execuive coaching
  • Partnered with leading Private Equity firms to assess, select and develop senior executives across their portfolio companies
  • Increased best-practice selling behaviors by 30% across a U.S. pharmaceutical company as part of culture transformation
  • Reduced truck rolls by 12% at Fortune 500 telecom company by developing leaders' ability to coach their employees

What makes us different

We're behavioral scientists and business experts.  We're PhDs in psychology and organizational learning, connected to leading research institutions.  We're former CEOs and business executives.  We've worked with dozens of Fortune 500 clients, top-tier Private Equity firms, and their portfolio companies.

We're a client-centric boutique firm. We work with a select group of clients and partner with them at a deep level to ensure their success. We're flexible, easy to work with, and always put clients first.  That's why they keep coming back―over 85% of our business comes from existing clients.  

We put our money where our mouth is.  We're accountable for the results and outcomes we deliver.  In many instances, we'll even put a percentage of our fees at risk by making them dependent on your success.